About the Rocky Mountain Amphibian Project

NorthernLeopardFrog_eggs_WYNDD-400px.jpgThe Rocky Mountain Amphibian Project was launched in April 2014, after years of discussion and planning with our partners.  We currently operate in two National Forests, the Medicine Bow-Routt in southeastern Wyoming and the Bridger Teton in northwestern Wyoming.  We hope to expand our project to include more of Wyoming and the region in future years!

The Rocky Mountain Amphibian Project is a partnership of federal and state agencies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and citizen scientists dedicated to collecting data on amphibians in the Rocky Mountain region in a standardized manner.  Resulting datasets are be compatible with existing monitoring programs (e.g., ARMI) and can contribute to analysis of amphibian population trends at multiple spatial scales.

We also are dedicated to educating people in the Rocky Mountain region about amphibian ecology and threats to local amphibian populations.  By increasing people’s knowledge and awareness of amphibians and by actively involving people in the monitoring of amphibians close to home, we hope to
encourage interest and concern in amphibian conservation.

Photo by Wyoming Natural Diversity Database


  • Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (WYNDD) - website
  • University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute - website
  • Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD)
  • Medicine Bow and Routt National Forests
  • Bridger-Teton National Forest
  • USGS Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) - website
  • Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP)
  • University of Wyoming - website
  • Wyoming Geographic Information Sciences Center - website
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • And many more!
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If you have questions about survey design, citizen science, amphibians, conservation, etc., please contact us at rmap@uwyo.edu.

Thank you!